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So, I think this project is going to be an interesting one. A business partner of mine came to me a couple of weeks ago with the concept that led to this build. We went from concept to Beta build in less than 12 hours thanks to Elementor Pro and Envato.

This is a very basic site, with one goal in mind, present the service and book it. There’s not much need for extra’s given the large market with few to no providers. Some simple Social Media Marketing, with a few basic SEO tweaks should have this site accepting quote request in no time.

Keeping it simple

We decided to keep this website very simple. There’s only one service being offered, so there really is no need for a lot of content. The clients this company is targeting, already know what they need. We kept the Home, and Contact pages open for expansion. In the future, a lot of the empty spaces will be filled with blocks to sell ad space. We’ll probably also add a sports blog and maybe some sort of sport classifieds, or job board.

You could run your entire site with custom forms.

With as much as I talk about custom forms, I feel bad for not doing so sooner, but I have to plug WPForms. It’s just my opinion, but taking into account cost vs. features, I’d say they’re the best custom forms tool for WordPress available. Fully Integratable with  CRM platforms and packing a knockout blow with user registration, polls and surveys, conversational forms, journey tracing, and a drag & drop form builder, they can’t really be topped right now

Everybody loves cool tiles

We kept it simple, but I was still able to find a place for some cool tiles. Personally, I think the Refs are cooler than the tiles. At any rate, there are three tiles that all open to the quote form, and the fourth tile is for Officials to submit their resumes, to be added to the pool. This is probably the most important part of the site as our future development plans will be built from this pool of officials. More updates on that to come.

I really look forward to this site growing. I have some pretty cools plans, and I’ll be able to experiment with some new design concepts and customized features I’d like to offer. I almost forgot to mention the custom Two Factor Authentication (2fa) setup pages and shortcodes added. This allows us to enforce 2fa on customer accounts, without allowing access to the WordPress default customer backend. This same feature can be accomplished using WooCommerce, but as with all my designs, I try to get things accomplished withouth adding another plugin. A little bit of custom code can acheive most results a site is lacking.


If you like this site, or even if you don’t, leave a comment. Stay tuned for the next reveal, – Tampa Bay Fury™ | Sports Club | Alpha Site. You’ll see some familiar features if you recall the WIBA™ project, Sports League Website with Front End User Management. You’ll also see some new features and get a glimpse into where we’re headed with the WIBA™ site

None of the designs I have featured on this site would have been possible without Elementor Pro and Envato. Together, they have completely changed the game. Then you throw in WPForms and we’re in a whole new realm of rapid and responsive WordPress design.

You can find a complete list of services I offer on my Services page. As always, I welcome all comments, criticisms and critiques. Also please share on social media. I’d greatly appreciate it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Starting at the end of January 2022, subscribers will start receiving monthly content freebies, and subscribers already benefit from discounted pricing on all services booked with me or with  Load Toad Networks™

Feel free to checkout Springboard™: by Load Toad Networks™. It’s another site I’m collaborating on. Once its complete, there will be a member area that will offer other designers an area to showcase their work, and resources for business owners to design their own sites.


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